GSN / GoalPoint partneship: scouting with innovation


Football still has a long way to go in what concerns its objective study, as a complement to the traditional (yet not dispensable) observational approach. While travelling this path it’s always positive to join forces with who aims to find, develop and implement new objective approaches that benefit players, managers, clubs, fans and the world of football in general.

After partnering with Opta, GoalPoint now joins efforts with Global Soccer Network (GSN), a young yet innovative German company focused on developing and offering scouting solutions aimed at objectively analyzing and quantifying football players sporting performance and economic valuation. Born in 2013 GSN already offers useful and innovative tools that allow its partners to quality and quantify football athletes, in a different approach when compared to  the traditional established tools available.

We will soon share the first results of this partnership with all the GoalPointers that follow us in this website and other platforms (Facebook, Twitter). We invite you to stay tuned and share your inputs and views, united as we are by the passion for a better football, which includes developing and sharing new ways of studying, measuring and understanding the sport we love.

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