The european football top XIs… so far


As much as we like portuguese football, and the familiar names you will identify later on the article just prove us right, we never stop keeping an eye on what is happening around us. So, following the internal first half of the season reviews we did last week, it is now time to step out of our borders and identify the players shining on the six biggest championships in Europe.

Once again, it is all based on the statistics provided by Opta, and on the already proven successful GoalPoint Ratings. It is all up to debate and we enjoy that part as much as we enjoy doing it, but remember there is no subjectivity involved, just pure math, and pure performance

1. Ligue 1 (France)

The european leading Leagues top XIs... so far
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It is still January and PSG almost got the championship on the bag, so it is a not a surprise to see their dominance in the top eleven as well. Contributing with five players, including the two best ones (Di Maria and Ibrahimovic), their incredible squad is pretty much at another level.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple”][bg#000000;c#ffffff;b]Player,[bg#000000;c#ffffff;b;align-center]GP%20Rating,[bg#000000;c#ffffff;align-center]Age,[bg#000000;c#ffffff;b;align-center]Market%20Value%20(M%E2%82%AC)|[b;bg#f2d637]Di%20Mar%C3%ADa%2C%20%C3%81ngel,[align-center;b;bg#f2d637]6.92,[align-center;bg#f2d637]27,[align-center;b;bg#f2d637]50|[b;bg#f2d637]Ibrahimovic%2C%20Zlatan,[align-center;b;bg#f2d637]6.71,[align-center;bg#f2d637]34,[align-center;b;bg#f2d637]15|[b;bg#f2d637]Maury%2C%20Cl%C3%A9ment,[align-center;b;bg#f2d637]6.47,[align-center;bg#f2d637]30,[align-center;b;bg#f2d637]0.8|Thiago%20Silva,[align-center]6.39,[align-center]31,[align-center]25|Lass%20Diarra,[align-center]6.37,[align-center]30,[align-center]4|Boufal%2C%20Sofiane,[align-center]6.19,[align-center]22,[align-center]5|Rabiot%2C%20Adrien,[align-center]6.19,[align-center]20,[align-center]8|Toulalan%2C%20J%C3%A9r%C3%A9my,[align-center]6.18,[align-center]32,[align-center]5|Aurier%2C%20Serge,[align-center]6.16,[align-center]23,[align-center]10|Ricardo%20Pereira,[align-center]6.09,[align-center]22,[align-center]4|Perrin%2C%20Loic,[align-center]6.02,[align-center]30,[align-center]8[/vc_table]

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Source: / Transfermarkt (market value)


Hernâni Ribeiro
Hernâni Ribeiro
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