What is GoalPointPro?

GoalPointPro was born with the mission of delivering high quality consultancy services within the professional football space.

Our team includes data specialists with decades of experience in delivering value to a broad range of business sectors, including sports and football in particular, via robust analytics capabilities and insight-driven decision support.

The enhancement of the knowledge base and improvement in the accuracy of decision making in a shorter amount of time, are becoming key to developing a competitive advantage on the pitch and increase profits in the transfer market.

GoalPointPro is proud to use the best and more reliable data sources in the market, adding them proprietary methods developed internally, heavily tested with successful results.

Which Pro services do we provide?

Player Scouting
Based on your own criteria (e.g. age, position etc.) we can provide you with performance profiles of the best and/or most promising players across any covered competition (more than 30, in every continent).

Player Matching
If you lost an important player in your squad, and you want to find another with the same type of characteristics, we search for the best matching ones, in any given market chosen by you.

Target Profiling
If you already have referenced targets, we can report on past performances and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, along with the potential of evolution, based on objective data.

Psychometric Analysis
We use scientifically backed methods to create personality profiles that provide insight into players’ football intelligence, team integration and development potential.

Player Promotion
Reporting player performance profile against the positional benchmarks and other reference players for the same position is a valuable way to promote players.

Team Profiling
Reporting on collective and individual strengths and weaknesses of any given team, based on a number of historical games defined by you.

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