The scope of GoalPoint is much wider than the evergrowing editorial and content production currently exposed on the web ( and social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Over the past few years, GoalPoint has developed and opened a “production line” for storytelling via data analytics. GoalPoint is available to work with you, in order to identify the best solutions to fulfill your objectives across a broad spectrum, from content creation to utilisation of the right distribution channels to expose your message.

Innovative positioning is not a media itself. It is the editorial instantiation of the approach and principles that support GoalPoint Partners. This positioning represents an advantage for advertisers, partners and clients of our editorial services and it assures full opening to the development of the best solutions for your specific case.

Our credibility and independence are expressed by the way we work with the analytics insight we produce and not through the creation of ethical obstacles to the promotion of the message presented by the sponsor/advertiser, who wants to associate itself with a new form of communicating with and about football.

A case-study of growth and potential saw its number of followers on social networks increased by 247% in 2016, a clear evidence that there is an audience opened to a new way of communicating the spectacular game that is football.

But what kind of audience are we talking about? Young individuals (83% in the 18-44 years bracket, of which 67% in the 18-34 years bracket), mostly men but with a growing feminine segment (10%). This is a clear sign that with our innovative approach we are reaching an audience for the future.


GoalPoint generates an average of 3 million multi-platform monthly impressions with interaction and viral levels that represent a case study in all channels we are present.

Services has to offer

Here are some of the services we have to offer:

Tailor-made content

GoalPoint produces content that is more suitable to the goals of your project, being editorial or advertising.  Our approach is objective, neutral and set off to create interaction.

Examples of GoalPoint’s tailor-made content 

Sponsored content
Interested in boosting several articles and concepts created by GoalPoint to benefit your own brand? Do you rather do it in the frame of GoalPoint’s work in the context of your own channels?

We can support many alternative approaches to those we currently expose (GoalPoint Ratings, Coach Ranking, etc.).

Infographic advertising
GoalPoint’s approach to communicating and the creation of viral content is via the use of infographics.  This has been a success story for GoalPoint from the early days that is continuously supported by the ever-increasing reach on social media.

We can share the leverage of the viral reach offered by our multi-platform infographic production in view of your advertising.

Examples of GoalPoint Look-and-feel design proposals

Display advertising and Sponsored communication
Our website and social network presence, while traditional, is totally open and can be made available to your communication strategy. From traditional display advertising and sponsored posts to special formats, we have all you need.

Special projects
Would you like to know how some of our concepts can support a special project that you have in mind? From Betting to Gaming, from Advertising to Editorial Production, our team is available to work with you for a winning project.

Contact us

Please e-mail us to [email protected] or contact us through this form to know more about our editorial and advertising services and how can we support your needs.

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